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NOTE:   The studies we will review are tagged with citation numbers like this: [2]
If you “click” on that red number, you will be transported to the actual study.
Many of the graphics can also be enlarged by clicking on them.

Women and Children First

Although it’s not possible to review every health challenge a woman or her infant may face in a 4-page newsletter, we will soon discover that it IS possible to reduce the risk for developing irritating and/or life-threatening conditions by the proactive choices made by any mother during her pregnancy and during those precious infant years.

To maximize on limited space, we will abbreviate some research discussions, leaving it to our readers to review the related (footnote) resources for a more detailed analysis.

You may want to refer to these helpful tools:

It’s also very important to remember that most of the products we will review are “targeted solutions” for specific health challenges, and should be considered as important additions to a pre-existing nutritional program.

As Dr. Shaklee repeatedly stated:

a basic nutrient program MUST include 2 key ingredients for maintaining full health: A superlative multi-vitamin, along with a plant-based source of complete protein.   [4],   [5]

Shaklee provides a lovely assortment of multi-vitamin products, starting with the original

Vita-Lea, and then progressing on to the amazing

Vitalizer System, and finally culminating in the advanced new

Shaklee Life Strip.

Vita-Lea and Vitalizer are both available in 4 different formats:

  • for women (with iron),

  • for men (without added iron),
    and for those of us aged 50 and above,

  • the Gold series, with OR without vitamin K.

The Life Strip is available in 2 different formats:

  • for women (with iron), and

  • for men (without added iron).

Shaklee’s protein products also come in a variety of formats.

You can choose from:

  • Four delicious soy-based   Life Shakes
    (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Cafe Latte),

  • And now, 2 new delicious Plant Protein   Life Shakes
    (Vanilla or Chocolate),

    NOTE: All Life Shakes are available in 15-serving cannisters OR
    economical 30-serving pouches.
    (Save 27⊄ per serving!)

  • Shaklee's beloved   Energizing Soy Protein   (Coco or Vanilla),

  • or the no-carb   Instant Protein Soy Mix   (Unflavored),

  • and finally the delicious   Shaklee® Meal Shakes   (Vanilla or Chocolate).

Getting Older

“Growing old” is a very recent phenomenon for humans. For eons, the average life expectancy was somewhere between 30 to 40 years. The most dramatic leap in longevity occurred during the last Century, because of improvements in water purity and sanitation, as well as improved access to emergency and critical care.

It’s simply astounding:   in 1900, the average lifespan in the US was only 47 years,
while by 2000 it had skyrocketed to 77 years!

During this same time frame, farming practices evolved (or devolved?) from natural organic practices into industrialized agriculture, relying on chemical pesticides and fertilizers to force-grow crops.   [7],   [8]   Food processing and packaging advancements also tend to focus more on shelf life than nutrient content.   [9],   [10]

This is why Dr. Shaklee observed that

“Too many of the people who came to me for treatment appeared to be overfed but undernourished“   [11]

Early Prevention

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