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The “Prove It” Challenge
and Landmark II

Before probiotics became all the rage in the 1990s, it was unusual for people to discuss lower digestive disorders in “polite society”. Terms like flatulence, diarrhea, bloating or bloody stools were only whispered about in the office of a gastroenterologist, if at all. Because of this fear, shame sealed most lips, and people suffered their fates.

And yet, some of those fears were often true. Digestive disorders are usually tied to lifestyle choices. Fast food, sugar-laced drinks, and a massive imbalance between omega-6 fats (versus omega-3 fats) in almost all prepared foods create a pro-inflammatory environment in our intestines. [1 a]

The average American diet has a massive imbalance between their Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid content. The ideal dietary ratio between these 2 essential fatty acids is approximately 1:1 (one to one).

In human physiology, Omega 6’s are used to start the inflammatory cascade, following injury or an infection, while the Omega 3’s function is to extinguish inflammation during the healing phase.

The average American diet is now tipped towards a lopsided 20:1 ratio in favor of the Omega 6s, because of the hyper presence of corn or other Omega 6 oils in most prepared foods. This dietary imbalance has contributed to a dramatic increase in inflammatory and autoimmune disorders during the last 30 years. [1 b]

Following the release of the Optiflora System (80638) in the mid 90’s, Shaklee distributors have become adept at discussing digestive issues. Meanwhile, Shaklee continued to develop other science-based solutions that we can bring to bear on bad digestion, like EZ-Gest [20633].

The release of the new Prove It Challenge (89526) at this year’s Shaklee Convention reminded me of the miracle of Dr. Shaklee’s life. Born with TB, and destined to die young, his mother beat the odds by fortifying her son‘s healing ability with detoxifying herbs, and a bountiful natural farm diet. Three cheers for Mom Power!

The year he became a doctor of chiropractic (1915) he also created what is considered the very first vitamin/mineral supplement (Vitalized Minerals), so that he could share improved health with his patients.

After suffering x-ray-induced radiation burns (between 1918 and 1921) that threatened to kill him, Dr. Shaklee prepared a detoxifying herbal blend that we now know as Herb Lax.

In 1961 Dr. Shaklee completed his triumvirate of health by creating the first soy isolate formula (Instant Protein) for the Shaklee Field.

When you combine those 2 core staples of health (a high-quality multi-vitamin and a plant-based protein) with the detoxifying properties of Herb Lax, you are firmly on the path to achieving the health benefits reported by the first Landmark study participants. (See more in the Landmark II section)

ASK YOURSELF: Is your tail dragging? Is your digestion dicey? Do you have difficulty sleeping, or remaining focused on the job? If so, Shaklee has crafted the perfect solution.

The Shaklee guarantee: “In just 30 days you will feel healthier, more energized, more focused, and ready to take on anything that life throws your way” [2], [3]
OR, your money back.

Learn more about this program by watching the Why Cleanse? video. [4]

Rise to the “Challenge”

The new Prove It Challenge (89526) combines Shaklee’s new 7-Day Healthy Cleanse (21318) with a Vitalizer “Strip and Shake” a day for the rest of that month.

You may also want to review the Shaklee video:   [5]
The Science Behind the Prove It Challenge.

The Challenge starts the first week with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse (21318).

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