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Shaklee Gems ~ Volume 2

Previous issues of HealthQuest have reviewed certain Shaklee “Hidden Gem” products that don’t always get the attention they deserve.   In deciding to review another collection of fantastic products, I struggled with developing a different title.   That gets right to the heart of creative writing.   How many terms of praise have you heard that aren’t over-used and trite?

So, finally, after hours of staring into space, I decided to stick with what felt honest to me.   Gems.   Every single one.   I hope you will feel the same.

The products we will review in this issue deliver amazing results from the top down, and from the inside out.   Let’s review them in that order. We’ll start at the head, and then work our way south.

MindWorks and Brain Health

Everybody knows that the Brain is Boss.

Awake or asleep, our brain choreographs
all bodily functions.

Besides managing all of that, it ALSO maintains
our memories, intelligence, and our personality.

It deserves our protection.


The Landmark Study clearly demonstrated that Shaklee supplements dramatically reduced the incidence of ALL the diseases of old age, in those participants who used them for up to 20 years. [1]

A more recent Shaklee clinical trial looked at the impact of supplementation on telomere length.   As you may recall telomeres are the protective region at the end of chromosomes that protects them from deterioration.

Eighty Shaklee members, who took (at least) 12 Shaklee supplements for (at least) 4 days per week, were compared to an age-matched control group of 324 healthy, non-smoking subjects from the San Francisco Bay Area, who took no more than 3 supplements daily. [1B]   The results were quite amazing.

Figure 2

When I first read this comment by the author:

the telomere of the supplement group was 11.2% greater than that of the control group

I thought, oh, isn't that's nice? 11.2% might be a nice as a pay raise, but how will that impact my health? It didn't really hit me until I continued to stare at Figure 2 a bit longer.

If you click on Figure 2, what you see is a display of how our telomeres shorten as we age. The Green line represents the Shaklee group, and the Red Line represents the healthy folks from San Fran. Clearly, the Shaklee group fares better. But again, HOW will that impact my health?

I asked my friend John (our graphics wizard at Chiro.Org) to insert a thin (horizontal) blue line, to connect the 80-year old Shaklee users' (the Green line) back to where it crosses the control groups telomere lengths the (Red Line).

What it reveals is that ab 80-year old Shaklee user's telomeres were the SAME LENGTH as a 35-year old healthy (control) subject.   Wow!

So, although 11.2% may not sound that impressive, knowing that when I'm 80 years old,
my telomeres will be identical to a healthy 35-year old's certainly makes my day!

When I'm 80, I definitely want the health and vitality I had when I was 35. That's what regular use of Shaklee supplementation appears to provide.   Take a look:

THAT is prevention.   Acting in your own best interest, year after year.

It was only natural that Shaklee would take the next step – which was to discover how to protect our brain and memories from the ravages of ageing.

First off, let's tip our hats to Dr. Laurel Fisher, Ph.D. [2]   and her research team for developing the amazing new MindWorks   (22066).

This unique and patented collection of nutrients have been demonstrated in clinical studies and laboratory trials to immediately enhance mental sharpness, focus and reaction times.

Continued use of those same nutrients have also been shown to dramatically reduce brain shrinkage in aging brains, while also protecting us from age-related mental decline.   Whoo-Hoo, that's definitely got my attention.

While I was reading and integrating the peer-reviewed literature on the ingredients found in MindWorks, it became increasingly apparent to me that this new product will provide both short-term AND long term benefits.   Let’s discuss the many dividends that this product can deliver.

The first layer of protection is provided by guaraná seed extract (Paullinia cupana).

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