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NOTE:   All the studies we will review are tagged with citation numbers like this:   [2]
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Take Your Shape In A Whole New Direction
Make A Turnaround With Shaklee 180

Shaklee’s original CINCH, the Inch Loss Program, was introduced in the fall of 2006.   Firmly based on the research of exercise physiologists and nutrition experts, it was the first high-protein diet to harness one of the 9 essential amino acids (AA) called Leucine.   This AA had previously been shown to prevent muscle loss during the starvation phase of dieting.   Starvation?   That’s right... because the only weight- loss approach that works is based on eating fewer calories than you burn.

During the process of dieting, your body is just as likely to digest your own muscle tissue as it will your fat cells, and this leads to a reduction in metabolism rate. [1]

So, when you finish the diet, your reduced muscle mass burns fewer calories than it did before, and the remainder heads straight to your thighs. This has been called the yo-yo diet effect. Shaklee‘s original CINCH, and now the Shaklee 180 program interrupts this endless yo-yo cycle by halting lean muscle loss. [2],   [3],   [4],   [5],   [6],   [7],   [8],   [9],   [10]

This new 180 Program also shifts our emphasis away from body weight, and towards body composition.   Everything in this meal plan focuses on the loss of unwanted inches from your belly, hips and legs.   In the long run, its a lot more fun dropping from a size 16 to a size 8 than it would be worrying about what you weigh.   You get the idea.

The CINCH/180 program was the first diet plan to halt the inevitable weight rebound by maintaining lean muscle mass.   Research has clearly shown the power of leucine for preserving, as well as stimulating new muscle production, so that you can:

  Keep muscle you already have   [2],   [3],   [4],   [5],   [6],   [7],   [8],   [9]

  Burn fat you don’t need, and

  Lose the inches you don’t want   [10],   [11],   [12],   [13],   [14],   [15],   [16]

Making Change

The most difficult task we face in life is change.   Creating change is work, and work is hard.   But, at the other end of the task we discover our pride, and the strength we developed as we complete our task.   Ask anyone who has accomplished a huge task, and then look into their eyes.   What you will see there is exactly what we all want, the sense of accomplishment that comes from making a turn-around in your health.   Because it’s easy to preach, I’ll stop there, and review the tools that Shaklee provides us to make that change.   With the right tools, you can build anything.   Let us begin.

You begin the program with the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit [89280].   This turn-key program includes 2 Life Energizing Shakes per day, or if you are on the go, they recommend a breafast shake and a Meal-in-a-Bar for lunch, plus a snack, and an energizing tea. Yum!   You will also take 3 tablets of the Metabolic Boost, once per day.   We will review all these products in detail shortly.

Don't forget to use the CUSTOMIZE THIS KIT buttton, so you can select your favorite flavors.

After the first month (or 2), you will shift to the Shaklee Life Plan [89383 regular or 89403 Kosher], which includes one meal shake per day. The particulars of the whole program are detailed below but first, let’s start with a happy ending.

The South Shore YMCA Study

I need to share this study to emphasize why Shaklee 180 is the perfect tool for dieting. Not long after Shaklee released the original CINCH Weight-loss Program, a Shaklee distributor (Rita La Rosa Loud) teamed with an exercise physiologist (Wayne Westcott) at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, MA to conduct an exercise trial. They enrolled 68 middle-aged men and women to participate in a supervised, 23-week strength-training program.   Forty-six subjects completed the full 23-week program. [17]

Twenty-four participants consumed the Shaklee CINCH protein drink immediately after their training session, while the other 22 subjects did not receive supplemental protein. This is where it gets really interesting.

The group that did not receive supplemental protein increased their lean muscle mass by 3.9 pounds and decreased their fat weight by 4.9 pounds, for an overall 8.8-pound improvement in their body composition.

However, the subjects who drank the CINCH shake increased their lean muscle mass by 5.5 pounds, and decreased their fat weight by 9 pounds, for a 14.5-pound improvement in body composition.

RESULTS:   The Shaklee group gained 25 percent more muscle, and lost 50 percent more body fat while doing the exact same workout. And this occurred in a group with an average age of 59 years. [17]

So it became quite clear that the CINCH shake was an amazing tool for losing the flab, while adding on the lean muscle that will burn even more calories!   Since its inception in 2007, the CINCH Plan evolved into the new and improved Shaklee 180 program.

The South Shore YMCA II Study

The second Shaklee 180 study was published in the February 2017
Journal of Exercise Physiology Online.

In the longest and largest study of its kind, this study discovered that a combination of exercise and a specific structured (Shaklee 180) meal program was more effective than exercise alone at producing positive effects on body composition (reduction of fat mass, maintenance of lean body mass).   Those who participated in an exercise plus meal program achieved clinically meaningful weight and fat loss – while not losing lean body mass.

Half the participants in the exercise program did not receive the added nutritional support.   That control group averaged losing 3.5 pounds of lean muscle mass during the trial period. The active participants in this study (exercise plus a Shaklee 180 shake) gained 3.7 pounds of lean body mass, and experienced significant improvements in blood pressure and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) during the same trial period.

According to the esteemed WebMD website, the HbA1c test tells you your average level of blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months. The A1c test is also used to diagnose diabetes.

The sugar in your blood is called glucose. When glucose builds up in your blood, it binds to the hemoglobin in your red blood cells. The A1c test measures how much glucose is bound.

Red blood cells live for about 3 months, so the test shows the “average” level of glucose in your blood over a prolonged period. If your glucose levels have been high over recent weeks, your hemoglobin A1c test will be higher.

That is why this study is so remarkable.   People who used the Shaklee Life Energizing Shake during the 3-month trial experienced significantly lower hemoglobin A1c test results, demonstrating that the 180 Life Shake is protective against the development of diabetes. Sweet!   Keep the muscle, lose the fat.   That's the Shaklee Promise.

Obesity Statistics

Nothing on Earth can make our eyes glaze over, or your brain shut down faster than statistics.

You don’t need to hear them from me.   Everywhere you look, America is bursting at the seams.   During the prep phase for this issue of HealthQuest, I was stunned by the mass of articles I reviewed about diets, weight loss, and the “Globesity Epidemic”.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer just an American, or even a Western European health problem.   Countries that were plagued with famine only 50 years ago are now struggling with the health challenges of over-weight, because the Golden Arches, as well as chemically processed foods are now available everywhere.

And believe me, the health challenges associated with obesity are steep.   Excess body fat increases the risk for developing the following severe, life-threatening diseases, which include:

  • Coronary heart disease (heart attack)

  • Stroke

  • Type-2 diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Cancers of the uterus, breast, and colon

  • Liver and Gallbladder disease.   [17]  

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