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The Shaklee Life Plan

Shaklee’s genius has always been focused upon developing unique products that fulfill an established health need.   The Shaklee Promise is that those new products will always contain ingredients supported by significant scientific research, and that will always be formulated from pure and natural raw ingredients.   And finally, they will never contain preservatives, synthetic colorings, dyes, scents, or flavors.   That is the Shaklee Way.

Shaklee took a dramatic step towards improving and lengthening our “health spans” with the 2015 release of the new Shaklee Life Plan.   It’s the most comprehensive nutritional system ever devised.

It started with making measurable improvements to 3 different products lines, including Vitalizer,   Vivix and the Shaklee 180 Smoothee, and resulted in their “marriage” as the unique new
Shaklee Life Plan.

The first step in this process was the evolution of
the Vitalizer system into the brilliant new
Shaklee Life-Strip.   To appreciate what an
important step that was, lets first review the
scientific advancements made to one of
Shaklee’s most popular products, the
Vivix Anti-aging Tonic.

Vivix is now 30% more powerful!

During the previous 2 years, Shaklee scientists have been working to optimize the combination of polyphenols found in Vivix, to create a new, and more balanced formula.

Earlier studies had already shown that Vivix ingredients protect cellular DNA from oxidative damage, and also blocks the formation of AGE proteins, a toxin that plays a major role in the onset of chronic disease(s).   [1]

      The newly formulated Vivix is now 30% more effective      
      at blocking AGE protein formation.

AGE protein formation starts with the cross-linking of simple sugars with cellular proteins, resulting in the formation of rogue molecules known as advanced glycation endproducts (or AGE Proteins).   As our cells fill up with these useless junk proteins, cellular function is compromised.   AGE Proteins are the toxic by-product of metabolism gone wrong, and promote oxidative damage to proteins, lipids and nucleotides (our cellular DNA).   Aging and chronic diseases are strongly associated with oxidative stress and especially with the presence of AGE proteins.   [2],   [3],   [4],   [5]

AGEs have been associated with the onset of various neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's diseases. [2],   [3]   They are also tied to the onset, and inevitable health declines experienced by diabetics, [4],   [5] which include kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, vision loss, and peripheral neuropathy.   [5]

Researchers have found that receptors for AGE proteins on our cell membranes (referred to as RAGEs) enhance cancer cell proliferation, by stimulating the formation of new blood vessels (or angiogenesis) to cancer cells. [6]   All these revelations should make it crystal clear that PREVENTING the formation of AGE proteins protects us from the onset of numerous age-related causes of infirmity and death.   [7]

      Clinical testing also demonstrated that the new improved Vivix is 40%      
      more effective than its predecessor at protecting cellular DNA


This was measured by Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis assays, also known as the Comet assay.   [8]   Simply put, DNA is exposed to oxidative stress, and then observed by fluorescence microscopy.   Undamaged DNA will look like the head of a comet.   (See Left-side of this picture)   However, the more damage that occurs to DNA, the smaller the head becomes, and the larger and more diffuse the tail appears.   (See R-side of this picture)   [9]

Comet testing revealed that DNA, which had first been treated with the new Vivix maintained a bright comet head, with virtually no tail dispersion.   That’s exactly the kind of protection we all require.

Another study by Shaklee scientists revealed that Shaklee customers, who had taken Vivix, along with other Shaklee nutrients for at least five years, experienced a 40% lower rate of telomere shortening than the healthy control group.   [10],   [11]   This study also revealed an unexpected but delightful result.

Scientists compared Shaklee supplement-users with a group of healthy San Francisco Bay adults (aged 40-80) who were taking no more than three supplements a day.   Overall, women had longer telomeres than men in the control group, but this trend was reversed in the Shaklee supplement group.

This is great news for Shaklee husbands.   Social Security statistics reveal that, for those who survive their 65th birthday, women typically outlive men by (at least) 3 years.   The results from this new study suggest that men, using Shaklee supplements plus Vivix, will significantly lengthen their survival odds.

These are precisely the type of results that encouraged Shaklee to add the improved Vivix to the Shaklee Life- Strip.

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