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                      Welcome to HealthQuest Newsletter Online!

After 34 years exclusively in hard-copy print format, the HealthQuest Newsletter is finally available as a personalized, interactive newsletter website.

   About HealthQuest Newsletter   

HealthQuest, the bi-monthly (4-page) Newsletter, is (and will remain) the premier science & research-based sales aid, available to the Shaklee Field, exclusively through

The FrontRunners
(800) 237-5199
NOTE: Registration at FrontRunners is free!

If you would like a free sample newsletter, please e-mail me

PAPER NEWSLETTERS:   Provide new information, in a glossy bi-monthly handout/mailer.

   About About HealthQuest Newsletter Online!   

HealthQuest Newsletter Online! provides an assortment of our best-selling newsletters as a monthly information service, for those Shaklee Members who prefer to access information online, rather than from paper mailers.   Your website will be a fully interactive format, so customers can make purchases when they click on a product link.

HealthQuest provides 3 different marketing opportunities:

A NEWSLETTER WEBSITE:   This is what you can sign-up for, right here.
(Look for the Subscribe Buttton below)

BI-MONTHLY PAPER NEWSLETTERS:   For those clients who enjoy handouts
or mailers, you can order copies today from:
The FrontRunners.
 (800)  237-5199

ELECTRONIC PDF (ACROBAT) FILES:   For those clients who like PDF files
e-mailed to them, you can pick them up today at our PDF page.

With all 3 of these options (paper, acrobat files, and your own newsletter website),
you can provide valuable health information in whatever format your members prefer.

Enjoy a sample, from our January 2018 Online Newsletter, titled:

Make A Turnaround With Shaklee 180

     The Newsletter's Archive will always point to the previous 2 issues,     
     giving you 3 different newsletters to share, all for the same low price!     

If you want to provide an entertaining newsletter every month
that encourages new product use by your downline

then sign up right here, right now!

Monthly investment is $7.99

Updated 1-18-2018

NOTE:   Certain portions of our website are password protected.
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