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The “Prove It” Challenge
and Landmark II

Before probiotics became all the rage in the 1990s, it was unusual for people to discuss lower digestive disorders in “polite society”. Terms like flatulence, diarrhea, bloating or bloody stools were only whispered about in the office of a gastroenterologist, if at all. Because of this fear, shame sealed most lips, and people suffered their fates.

And yet, some of those fears were often true. Digestive disorders are usually tied to lifestyle choices. Fast food, sugar-laced drinks, and a massive imbalance between omega-6 fats (versus omega-3 fats) in almost all prepared foods create a pro-inflammatory environment in our intestines. [1 a]

The average American diet has a massive imbalance between their Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid content. The ideal dietary ratio between these 2 essential fatty acids is approximately 1:1 (one to one).

In human physiology, Omega 6’s are used to start the inflammatory cascade, following injury or an infection, while the Omega 3’s function is to extinguish inflammation during the healing phase.

The average American diet is now tipped towards a lopsided 20:1 ratio in favor of the Omega 6s, because of the hyper presence of corn or other Omega 6 oils in most prepared foods. This dietary imbalance has contributed to a dramatic increase in inflammatory and autoimmune disorders during the last 30 years. [1 b]

Following the release of the Optiflora System (80638) in the mid 90’s, Shaklee distributors have become adept at discussing digestive issues. Meanwhile, Shaklee continued to develop other science-based solutions that we can bring to bear on bad digestion, like EZ-Gest [20633].

The release of the new Prove It Challenge (89526) at this year’s Shaklee Convention reminded me of the miracle of Dr. Shaklee’s life. Born with TB, and destined to die young, his mother beat the odds by fortifying her son‘s healing ability with detoxifying herbs, and a bountiful natural farm diet. Three cheers for Mom Power!

The year he became a doctor of chiropractic (1915) he also created what is considered the very first vitamin/mineral supplement (Vitalized Minerals), so that he could share improved health with his patients.

After suffering x-ray-induced radiation burns (between 1918 and 1921) that threatened to kill him, Dr. Shaklee prepared a detoxifying herbal blend that we now know as Herb Lax.

In 1961 Dr. Shaklee completed his triumvirate of health by creating the first soy isolate formula (Instant Protein) for the Shaklee Field.

When you combine those 2 core staples of health (a high-quality multi-vitamin and a plant-based protein) with the detoxifying properties of Herb Lax, you are firmly on the path to achieving the health benefits reported by the first Landmark study participants. (See more in the Landmark II section)

ASK YOURSELF: Is your tail dragging? Is your digestion dicey? Do you have difficulty sleeping, or remaining focused on the job? If so, Shaklee has crafted the perfect solution.

The Shaklee guarantee: “In just 30 days you will feel healthier, more energized, more focused, and ready to take on anything that life throws your way” [2], [3]
OR, your money back.

Learn more about this program by watching the Why Cleanse? video. [4]

Rise to the “Challenge”

The new Prove It Challenge (89526) combines Shaklee’s new 7-Day Healthy Cleanse (21318) with a Vitalizer “Strip and Shake” a day for the rest of that month.

You may also want to review the Shaklee video:   [5]

The Science Behind the Prove It Challenge.

The Challenge starts the first week with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse (21318).

Let’s review what that entails.

The box contains 7 joined packets.

The Morning Packet contains:

  • 1 Optiflora® DI probiotic
  • 5 Alfalfa Complex
  • 1 Liver DTX® Complex

The Evening Packet contains:

  • 5 Alfalfa Complex
  • 2 Liver DTX® Complex
  • 2 Herb-Lax®

Now, let's review all the “Prove It” products:

Optiflora® DI (21320) helps to promote healthy intestinal activity and good digestive health. The adult intestine contains trillions of bacteria. Many of them are beneficial (commensal) providing numerous health benefits including the fermentation of dietary fiber into short-chain fatty acids, the synthesizing of key vitamins, and the breakdown of bile acids, sterols, and xenobiotics (or toxic substances). [6]

Our intestines also contain Peyer's Patches (PP), or small nodules that contain lymphatic tissue (macrophages, T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes). They are an important component of our immune system, because they monitor all our intestinal bacteria, and block the growth of pathogenic species. [7] PPs also create antibodies (immunoglobulins) that protect us when we are exposed to similar pathogens in the future. These antibodies bind with dangerous bacteria (or antigens) and deactivate them. [8]

This is why Shaklee created the Optiflora DI probiotic. Optiflora DI contains four different beneficial bacterial strains, including the powerful Bifidobacterium lactis HN019. The HN019 strain has been shown clinically to support both digestive health [9] and to boost natural immune competency. [10], [11]

Liver DTX® Complex (20616) protects our liver cells from toxins, and helps support liver cell function. DTX contains milk thistle seed extract (Silybum marianum) and has been used for centuries in Europe as an herbal medicine for the treatment of liver disease. [12]

Silybum is currently the most well researched plant for the treatment of liver disease (with over 450 published peer review papers). These liver protective effects are accomplished via several mechanisms, including antioxidation, inhibition of lipid peroxidation, enhanced liver detoxification, via inhibition of Phase I detoxification, and enhanced glucuronidation, and protection of glutathione depletion. [13]

DTX also contains a proprietary blend of extracts of Schizandra chinensis, dandelion, Reishi mushroom, turmeric, and artichoke to help support overall liver cell function.

Alfalfa Complex (20153 Sm or 20160 Lg) contains ultra-pure, premium alfalfa and spearmint. This green superfood is abundant in vitamins (including the B’s, C, D, E and K), along with numerous digestive enzymes, minerals, and chlorophyll. Alfalfa also contains a unique phytoalexin called Medicarpin. This substance is so powerful that Merck Pharmaceutical patented a synthetic version of it as a therapy to treat allergic conditions, asthma, cardiovascular disorders, and inflammation. [14]

Herb-Lax® (20144 (Sm) or 20141 (Lg)) is the only all-natural gentle laxative, designed to safely cleanse the body. Herb-lax contains a proprietary blend of herbs, including senna leaf powder (Cassia angustifolia). Senna was recently confirmed as a safe laxative alternative by the FDA [13] after the 2 stimulant laxatives (danthron and phenolphthalein) were removed from the US market after being shown to be carcinogenic. [15] Recent phytochemical testing of senna revealed that it also contains beneficial phenolic compounds including flavonoids, tannins and coumarins. [16] Thus, natural senna also provides powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. [17]

Shaklee also designed a Healthy Cleanse Shopping List to suggest what to eat during the first week.   [18] (in English) — OR — [19] (in Spanish)

This program is designed to completely reset your digestive system, to reduce cravings, to help improve your sleep, and to jump start weight loss with the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse.

Here’s the logic behind the healthy cleanse:   [20]

  • Eat every two hours to curb your hunger. The key for your cleanse diet is to graze constantly, and to drink plenty of water, so that you feel less hungry. Remember it’s only seven days! If your hunger becomes unbearable, add a protein option, like a scoop of Life Shake™ in a smoothie, or a hard-boiled egg, or even a 4-oz. serving of baked chicken.

  • Supplement while cleansing. While you are doing the cleanse, you can continue to use supplements. We always recommend taking a multivitamin to help fill nutrition gaps in your diet. Our rule of thumb is just don’t overlap any of the supplements already included in the cleanse package.

  • Exercise during the cleanse. You may continue your current workout routine during the cleanse, but we suggest keeping it light. Save the strenuous workouts for week 2-4.

  • Consult your doctor before a cleanse. If you’re on a prescription medication, or you have diabetes, or a serious digestive issue, talk to your doctor or physician before starting the 7-Day Cleanse.

  • Measure your waist and hips. You might as well find out what you’re losing. Shaklee programs are NOT about losing weight: it’s about losing inches. Meet the new you.

  • Add a little caffeine back into your diet. If you experience caffeine withdrawal/headache, it’s okay to add some caffeine back into your diet — for example, try a cup of Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea.
    22030 [Pomegranate) or 22031 [Green Matcha].

  • Don’t: Cleanse while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. During this time, you need all the nutrients from food you can get, so switching to a cleanse diet isn’t recommended.

The Prove It Challenge is the easy way to get started on your journey to better health. Radically change the way you feel with clinically proven, safe and pure Shaklee products. It provides a carefully prepared combination of herbs, all in convenient AM + PM packets.

The box comes with a step-by-step cleanse guide and a supporting 7-day diet plan. It’s also based on a 64-year history of solid nutritional research, guided by an integrity that only Shaklee can provide.

Day 8 to Day 30

The Prove It Challenge (89526) also contains 2 canisters (30 servings) of the delicious Life Shake along with a one-month supply of Vitalizer.

You can choose from

4 different flavors of the soy shake,
or 2 flavors of the plant-based protein,
or the 2 flavors of the stevia-free shake

by using the CUSTOMIZE button to select your favorite flavors.

The same goes for Vitalizer:

Choose from the Men’s (without iron),
the Women’s version (with iron) , or from the
2 Gold packs: Gold versions w vitamin K, or without vitamin K.

As you learned (if you watched the 2 videos) participants in the Prove It clinical trial averaged a 6.8 pound weight loss and carved 1.62 inches from their waistline. Interested?

More importantly, you will develop healthy eating habits, while eliminating various digestive complaints, unloading cravings for unhealthy foods, and improving your focus and energy levels, all while enjoying better mood and sleep.

Take the Challenge! You’ll be glad you did… OR your money back.

Landmark II

It’s challenge writing about a study that won’t be published until later this fall. However, Dr. James R. Brooks, Shaklee’s Executive Vice President for Research & Development did display a few slides at the Convention, and along with a few other studies that Shaklee has published over the last 3 years, we can get a strong sense of what Landmark II will reveal.

Background: One of the most dramatic differences between the study groups in Landmark I (2017) was revealed by the participant’s use of prescription drugs.

The Federal Government compiles prescription statistics through the Medical Expenditure Panel Surveys (MEPS) [21] Those statistics reveal that anyone, under the age of 65, who makes one prescription purchase during a given year, will end up consuming (on average) 12.5 prescriptions over that same year.

Individuals over the age of 65 averaged using TWICE as many prescriptions, and at 4 times the cost! [22] (NOTE: User Name & password is: shaklee)

In Landmark I [23] the 2 control groups averaged consuming 19 prescriptions per year, while the Shaklee group only used one-half of one prescription per year! That’s a 3800% difference in their usage patterns! Those statistics are a very profound measure of how much healthier the Shaklee group was.

The slide displayed by Dr. Brooks revealed the Shaklee group use of prescriptions in Landmark II:

  • 20-39 year olds used 97% less medications

  • 40-59 year olds used 89% less medications

  • Those over 60 used 83% less medications

The Shaklee participants also experienced a 90% lower risk of cardiac arrest, and a 52% lower prevalence of developing diabetes. The original Landmark study [23] reported a very low (2.9%) incidence of diabetes in the 300 Shaklee participants.

Consider this: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2017 that 30.3 million Americans – or 9.4 percent of the U.S. population – have diabetes. And another 84.1 million have prediabetes, a condition that, if not treated, often leads to type 2 diabetes within five years.

That’s another 26% of us, for a combined total of 35.4% Americans who either have, or are at imminent risk of developing diabetes. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the Shaklee risk of 2.9%?

Shaklee scientists conducted another blood sugar study [24] (in 2017) comparing individuals who used Shaklee for at leads 5 years with the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey database (NHANES). [25]

They focused on the oldest participants (those who over 60 years old) and observed that the prevalence of diabetes among non-supplement users was almost 3-fold higher, compared to long-term Shaklee multi-supplement users. [24] I like those odds.

As reported in Landmark I, the Shaklee users in the new study has significantly lower levels of the biomarkers of disease.

  • High blood homocysteine levels are a key marker for vascular disease, and it is also closely associated with heart attack and stroke. The Shaklee group all had significantly lower blood levels of homocysteine than either control group.

  • C-reactive protein (CRP) levels are an indicator of inflammation, and high levels are strongly associated with many disease processes, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The Shaklee members were found to have completely normal CRP levels.

  • High levels of triglycerides and low-levels of HDL (good) cholesterol are also associated with vascular disease, heart disease and stroke. Again, the Shaklee users scored much more normal cholesterol levels.

Those tests are the ones your doctor runs during the yearly checkup, because they are the indicators of trouble brewing.

It’s a blessing when your blood work is normal, and we can all thank Shaklee for creating well-absorbed, natural supplements that are backed by clinical trials, and have been tested for purity. No one does it better.

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