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Preserving YOUTH + Enhancing Performance

Shaklee has done it again! They just dramatically improved and updated two of their most-beloved product lines. YIPEE! First, let’s review their new YOUTH skin care line.

The Dilemma of Skin Aging

Aging Skin

In the mid-90s Shaklee launched an incredible breakthrough in skin care with the Enfuselle Skin Care System . The prestigious Scripps Institute had been hired to do the clinical testing. Scripps does clinical testing trials for most of the best-known (high-end) skin care lines.

Scripps was so impressed with the measurable results that one of their scientists called the Shaklee design team, and said that they had never seen such dramatic results with any other product line which they had tested. This is highly unusual for them to leak test results during a trial.

Even today, no other manufacturer can make these 20-year old verified claims:

  • 665%   increase in skin firmness
  •   88%   decrease in fine lines
  • 421%   reduction in wrinkles
  •   40%   reduction in skin cell death.   [1],   [2]  

Meanwhile, for the next 20 years, Shaklee continued to “keep their nose to the wind” by following the skin care and protection literature, and continued to conduct their own research. That work has finally culminated in the release of the new YOUTH Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen.   [3]

YOUTH combines the best of Enfuselle with additional proprietary Shaklee nutrients, thus joining skin protection with anti-aging science.   The new YOUTH system combines our old friend Vital Repair+ with polyphenols from Vivix, as well as adding some new friends to the line-up:
Lotus japonicus, Schisandra chinensis, and Raspberry extract.

Shaklee has never been one to make claims that they couldn’t prove. So the following paragraph literally jumps right off the page:

The patent-pending Youth Complex®, infused with Lotus Japonicus, activates a key youth protein to encourage cells to produce more collagen and elastin.

Youth Complex combines Lotus japonicus with Schisandra chinensis fruit extract to structurally help provide more nutrients and energy to your skin tissue.

The Skin Age Index

The Skin Age Index was clinically developed by skin experts to calculate the age of skin. Scientists studied the skin of women of various ages, taking numerous measurements of skin characteristics like the depth of wrinkles, average pore size, skin tone, firmness, texture, and hyperpigmentation. By analyzing thousands of these measurements, they documented all aspects of skin aging. Based on these measured phenomena, they developed the Skin Age Index.

For the clinical trial of YOUTH, they compiled Skin Age Index measurements, both before and after the participants used the products. The outcome? Every single woman (100%) showed measurable improvements in their skin age. With continued use, the researchers found that two thirds of those women had actually shifted their skin age to a younger decade. Getting excited yet?

There are 2 YOUTH programs that involve either 3 or 4
simple and easy application steps:

      The Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen (89453)

Step 1:   Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser (32566) – is a 3-in-1, soap-free, pH-balanced cleanser.   It gently polishes, purifies, and prepares your skin.

Step 2:   Perfecting Skin Toner (32567) – Frees the skin of dull cells and environmental pollutants. Exfoliates hydrates and nourishes for glowing skin.

Step 3:   YOUTH® Activating Serum (32568) – Contains 10X the active nutrients to provide the critical regeneration step. It renews skin at the cellular level for superior radiance and rejuvenation. A potent blend of vitamins, polyphenols, and our Youth Complex supports collagen production, making your skin act and appear younger.

Step 4   DAYTIME:   Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer (32574) – Naturally derived zinc oxide provides chemical-free SPF 30, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Meanwhile, vitamins and botanicals moisturize your skin and improve your skin tone.

Step 4   NIGHT:   Advanced Renewal Night Cream (Light = 32570, or Rich = 32571) This targeted night repair cream supports your skin's cell renewal process. A proprietary botanical blend helps encourage collagen and elastin production to make your skin appear younger looking, smoother, and more luminous. The Night Cream is available in either Light or Rich formulas.

You will LOVE the easy, step-by-step directions provided in the
YOUTH System Handout

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