About Sharing My Electronic (PDF) Newsletter

First, I'd like to explain WHY I have asked you to NOT share my PDF materials with your Business Builders, or any one else's Builders. It's equally unfair to scan/copy paper newsletters for distribution to anyone. My work is copyrighted, and it is my property.

I spend, on average, about 20 hours researching, writing, and then producing every Newsletter. So, it's only reasonable to ask:   How much is 20 hours of YOUR time worth to you?

Then ask yourself:   If I started mailing free Shaklee products to YOUR downline, what would that do to your PV, and your personal income?
Would that be fair to you?   Of course it wouldn't.   Well, the same is true for me.

I also ask you to NOT post these Newsletters on ANY non-password protected website.

  • Posting my Newsletters online (such as FaceBook, personal Blogs, etc) is in direct conflict with Shaklee's Privileges and Responsibilities (P&R 2014) policy, and by so doing could be grounds for Shaklee to terminate your membership and your business.

  • Posting these online would also be construed by the FDA to be intended for the treatment of disease, rather than a discussion of how nutrients can support basic health, and would be illegal in their eyes.

You MAY state that you have a newsletter discussing a specific health topic and that you would love to support their health needs.   Let them know they are welcome to ask for a copy by PM or e-mail.   This is pre-screening (know your clients), and this keeps disease claims out of the public sphere.   In my websites, I put those kinds of materials within a password-protected zone.   That is what Shaklee requires of us all.

About Your Personal Website:

In your Welcome letter I encouraged you to copy short passages from each monthly newsletter to create a promotional e-mail announcement, to get your members excited about reading your next newsletter.   That is Marketing 101.

Copying short passages for promotion, or for critical review in a journal or a magazine, IS an approved behavior under the Copyright Laws.

However, reproducing a whole newsletter, by any means possible (printed, electronic, or otherwise) is NOT approved, and is a violation of international Copyright laws.

The low-cost monthly fee you pay for your online newsletter licenses you to invite your customers to visit your page, to read the newsletter, and to use the functionality of the website to order Shaklee products.

You are paying for a service.

About The Acrobat (PDF) Newsletters:

The fee to purchase an acrobat copy of a sold-out newsletter is less than what it would cost you to purchase and mail out about 25 copies of the printed newsletters.   When you purchase an acrobat copy of one of my newsletters, you have unlimited rights to share it with all your customers forever, or at least until it becomes out-dated.

Please do NOT give copies of my acrobat newsletter to other Business Builders.

That's unethical, and it's the wrong kind of message to send to your Builder(s).

It also makes no sense to print and mail out your acrobat file.

The original paper version is distributed by:
The FrontRunners ~ (800) 237-5199

It is professionally printed on a glossy, pre-folded, 4-page, high-quality stock.

Because of the high cost for colored ink for home-based printers, there is no way you could reproduce a copy cheaper than cost of an original, purchased directly from The FrontRunners.

So, if you have customers who still prefer paper, you save money by ordering them from FrontRunners BEFORE they sell out.

You can also reduce your unit-cost per-issue, based on how many copies you purchase.   You can inquire further at The FrontRunners ~ (800) 237-5199

Thank you for your attention, and for using the HealthQuest Newsletter
to promote and grow your Shaklee Business!

Updated 4-17-2022

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